Innovation that Keeps People Safer and Better Informed

Audible Broadcasting’s parent company, Audible Media Group, was founded with a simple idea: To develop technologies that make people safer and better informed.

Our technologies are among the most innovative GEO-targeting and audible-content technologies developed anywhere in the world: AudioTraffic for TV and Newspapers, ConnectProtect℠ and ShieldConnect℠ are world-class proprietary technologies that provide powerful innovative solutions in each of their industry sectors.

Our Shield Group technologies were being used by law enforcement organizations serving over 6 million people. In early-2016 our AudioTraffic technologies are scheduled for roll-out with broadcast groups with affiliates in over 44 U.S. cities.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida; Audible Media Group employs the talents of people from throughout the U.S. and abroad — people who are among the most experienced, innovative and talented in their fields. Our executive leadership includes men and women of unsurpassed experience in government, law enforcement and communications. Our technical development team is led by and includes some of the most talented and experienced minds, anywhere.

We are proud of our technologies and the role they play in helping make our Nation, communities, and roadways safer – and people more informed.

Our Systems and Technologies are Already Working in Communities with Over 6 Million Residents

Audible Broadcasting’s technologies are already working in communities with over  6 million residents, and growing:

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