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For Law Enforcement and Local Government:
Audio News Broadcasting on Mobile Media

The Important Information and Good News Your Residents Need to Hear

Every day local law enforcement organizations and local governments work hard to make the lives of the people they serve, better. There’s a world of important information and good news that people simply don’t hear from the mainstream media where good news and really important information is increasingly drowned out by tabloid-style news with sensationalized stories and “gotcha” journalism. Audio News for Local Government and Law Enforcement changes that.

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Audio News is a mobile media broadcast system that allows local government and law enforcement to broadcast news and information that their residents aren’t hearing. It’s delivered right on your resident’s iPhone or Android mobile devices as crystal clear news broadcasts. Its news and information residents can hear without distraction while driving, because it’s all-audio. Real reporters work with local law enforcement and local government to deliver the critical information local residents need; and, the good news about their community that they’re often not be getting from TV, radio and newspapers.

Information like: Traffic conditions that residents can hear without the distraction of looking at their phones. Law enforcement bulletins seeking information to solve crimes. Information about local events and recreation. Proposed community improvements and zoning matters. Fire and rescue reports. Information about water, sewer and trash collection. Road closures. Convention, visitor and tourist information. Weather-related bulletins. The list of information possibilities is limitless.

And then there’s the news: Broadcasting the good news about what local government and local law enforcement are doing. Reported by a dedicated Audio News reporter or in the words of elected leaders, department heads and employees themselves. News that tells the whole story – not just the story that sensationalizes and grabs headlines.

There’s a world of good news and important information from local government and law enforcement that people simply don’t hear from the mainstream media.